Are you ready for a profound life transformation?
Breaking the patterns that no longer serve you and embracing yourself.

“With the help of psychedelics, we can shed our old skins and emerge as more evolved, compassionate, and enlightened versions of ourselves.” – Terence McKenna

Whole Life Therapies

Blending the sacred with the science of psychedelic therapy offers the opportunity to become your best self.  Whether you are suffering from feelings of depression, anxiety, PTSD, trauma, chronic pain, or feeling stuck.  Ketamine therapy is a catalyst for deep personal growth.

It’s more than the medicine, it’s how you are held in the process.  Blending the body-psychotherapy, naturopathic medicine, mindfulness, and movement, you are supported through the entire Ketamine process.

If you are ready to feel content and resourced,  schedule your no-obligation free 15-minute consultation to see if Ketamine therapy is right for you. 

“Psychedelic substances can help us dissolve the boundaries of our ego and open us up to new possibilities and ways of experiencing the world.”
– Michael Pollan
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I experienced profound, life-changing lessons and journeys through Ketamine-assisted therapy with the support of Dr. Jonathan. The greatest of them is being able to come home to my body, being able to access emotions/process them, and finding the power within myself. I am forever grateful to him for his support, guidance, and strength when I needed it
What I experienced was profound, if simple. Much of it transcends what words can describe, but at the heart of it was a much greater sense of embodiment (a deep, deep grounding that continues to this day), as well as a primary message of self-trust that I can still connect to. The medicine journey is a fascinating, and unobtrusive one—but it’s in the holding (I believe) that the magic happens. Dr. Jonathan’s skill, presence, questions, and care helped to guide me into a new chapter of my life that I’m ever grateful for.”
Dr. Jonathan is so passionate about helping to facilitate healing in his patients. I commute over an hour each way to see him, that’s how strongly I feel about the heart and energy he puts into his practice. I can’t recommend him enough.”  
“Dr. Jonathan is attentive & caring. He really listens & is very knowledgeable. I am very grateful to have found such a good doctor!”
My life has been transformed forever. Working, learning and healing with you is a beautiful journey that I am grateful to be on everyday. Thank you immeasureably”


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Are you ready to be your best self?

Through life, protective patterns emerge that shelter you from intense feelings.  These survival mechanisms served you in the short term but now act as a barrier to your true desires.  Sometimes, these parts of you can feel absent, vigilant, or act out to keep from exposing the core wound.

If you are feeling stuck, depressed, alone, or anxious, the cure doesn’t come in the form of a pill, it is a process of self-acceptance.  Medicine work centers on trust.   Ketamine therapy provides a unique opportunity to hold yourself in unconditional regard.  Years of patterns don’t tend to unwind in a session, it is a process of medicine work and integrating insights into your life.

You’ll be held through each step of the transformational process.  You’ll prepare by defining your intention for the ceremony and gain tools to navigate a psychedelic journey.  I’ll hold a sacred space for you as you embark on your ketamine journey.  Finally, you’ll learn to integrate the experience into your life.  The process can be truly life changing.

“”Ketamine therapy can help people access deeper levels of self-awareness and personal growth, leading to greater resilience and a more meaningful life.”  
– Dr. Jeff Tarrant”

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“I want freedom for the full expression of my personality.”

Mahatma Gandhi