I am devoted to supporting sacred change, both in myself and in others.  To hold a lantern in the midst of difficult times so you can transmute engrained patterns into healthy ways of being in the world.  With my experience and education, I am a companion and guide to help you find your center, truth, and freedom from self-limiting beliefs.

The healing journey is ongoing and ever-evolving.  My journey has led me to provide a safe container for others to rediscover their light.

I hold the same container for patients whether they are on medicine or sitting with me to prepare for or integrate their medicine sessions.  It is the same container I hold for my relationships outside of the office and in my home.  The health and healing of my personal relationships and my devotion to mindful parenting informs my inner work and results in my ability to show up more wholly for patients.  The healing of one becomes the healing of the collective and when one rises up those around them are invited to rise too.

Using my skills and knowledge in psychedelic therapy, Naturopathic medicine, body psychotherapy, and mindfulness practices, I embrace a whole system approach to health on all planes.  As emotional wounds heal and the pain of trauma dissipates, the inevitable uncertainty of life becomes more comfortable, and the seeds of health can begin to sprout and mature.  Self-love can be discovered, addictions can fade, and relationships can flourish.  It is an incredible honor to support this transformation. The possibilities for healing are limitless and psychedelic medicines combined with psychotherapy open the door to this potential.

I am grateful to my mentors and teachers who shine a light for me.  May I always carry it with humility and respect.


  • Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (5 years) – Bastyr University (2015)
  • Certified Psychedelic Therapist (250 hrs) – Integrative Psychiatric Institute (2022)
  • Continuing Education in Body Psychotherapy (300+ hours)
  • MAPS Trained Therapist – MDMA Training Program (100 hrs)
  • Ketamine Prescriber Training (60 hrs) – Integrative Psychiatric Institute (In progress)
  • Integrative Psychiatric Fellowship (155 hrs) – Integrative Psychiatric Institute (In progress)

“As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence actually liberates others.”  -Marianne Williamson

“I experienced profound, life-changing lessons and journeys through Ketamine-assisted therapy with the support of Dr. Jonathan. The greatest of them being able to come home to my body, being able to access emotions/process them, and finding the power within myself.”


“The medicine journey is a fascinating, and unobtrusive one—but it’s in the holding (I believe) that the magic happens. Dr. Jonathan’s skill, presence, questions, and care helped to guide me into a new chapter of my life that I’m ever grateful for.”


“Dr. Jonathan is so passionate about helping to facilitate healing in his patients. I commute over an hour each way to see him, that’s how strongly I feel about the heart and energy he puts into his practice. I can’t recommend him enough.” 


And you?  Are you ready to begin that journey into wellness?