Is Ketamine Assisted Therapy Covered by Insurance?

Insurance may cover the preparation and integration sessions.  However, medicine sessions are an out of pocket expense. Delve accepts Regence, Premera, and Lifewise insurance companies.  

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I’m suicidal. Can I do Ketamine Therapy at Delve?

Delve and the prescribing physician both assess suicidality.  Anyone assessed to be at high risk of suicide will be referred to a higher level of care, potentially to a setting that offers intravenous (IV) or Intermuscular injections (IM) Ketamine services with conjunctive psychotherapy.  Ketamine that is administered via IV or IM has data supporting decreasing [...]

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What form of Ketamine is used at Delve?

Sublingual lozenges are the only form that is utilized in therapy at Delve. If ketamine is a treatment option that makes sense for you, a referral to an outside physician will be provided.  That physician will assess your medical eligibility for ketamine and will prescribe ketamine lozenges.  You will bring that medicine into the Delve [...]

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Can I do fewer sessions and get the benefits?

The benefits of ketamine vary from person to person.  We recommend viewing this as a process or a journey.  You are likely to notice some changes in the first few sessions. Other benefits of the medicine journey take more time to mature.  For example, the neuroplastic changes seem to take 4-6 sessions.  Each medicine session [...]

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How Many Sessions are Typical?

Generally, Ketamine is done in a series of 4-6 medicine sessions with an integration session the day following each medicine experience.   We tend to space these sessions at a rate of 1 per week and sometimes extend it to one every two weeks depending on the client’s specific needs.  After the initial series, some clients [...]

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What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

Appointments canceled or changed more than 48-hours in advance carry no fee.  Appointments canceled within the 48-hour cancellation window are charged the full visit price.

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