The benefits of ketamine vary from person to person.  We recommend viewing this as a process or a journey.  You are likely to notice some changes in the first few sessions. Other benefits of the medicine journey take more time to mature.  For example, the neuroplastic changes seem to take 4-6 sessions.  Each medicine session is an opportunity for you to deepen your ability to transmute old patterns into new ways of relating to yourself and the world that serve you at the highest level.


There is a lot of hype in the media about ketamine being a magical cure, that everything changes after one or two sessions.  Rarely is this the case.  More frequently, the medicine journey has moments of growth, moments to integrate experiences into life, moments of struggle, and moments of clarity.  The medicine session opens the door for you to do the work meaningful work of creating a new way of orienting to the world.  By viewing this as a long-term investment that will unfold over time, you are able to participate in each step of the journey.