What Is Your Cancellation Policy?2020-01-08T00:09:46+00:00

Appointments canceled or changed more than 24 hours in advance carry no fee. 

Appointments canceled within the 24-hour cancellation window are charged the full visit price.

Do You Accept Insurance?2020-01-09T05:13:23+00:00

I am an out-of-network provider.   A superbill can be provided to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. 

Please check with your insurance provider prior to your visit to determine your out-of-network benefits naturopathic doctor visits. 

Do You Prescribe Pharmaceutical Medications?2020-01-07T23:32:11+00:00

Short Answer: Occasionally, when needed. 

I use the least force intervention to support your growth.  Pharmaceutical drugs can be a power and supportive therapy short term therapy.  It may be the helping hand to let you do the deeper work.  I tend to limit prescribing them until we have explored the low hanging fruit in your lifestyle and plant-based medicines.  


What To Expect In Your Initial Appointment?2020-01-07T23:18:50+00:00

Would you like to be heard? 

My goal is to hold a safe and caring space for you to educate me about your life and any issues you want to address.  

The purposes of this appointment are 1) Get to know each other, 2) Gather information 3) Develop a preliminary plan, which may include some lab examinations.

Usually, treatments are not prescribed in this initial session.  This first appointment is the foundation from which the ensuing treatment plan will be developed.

Duration: 60 mins

How Does Your Approach Differ From A Mental Health Counsellor Or Therapist?2020-01-09T05:15:38+00:00

Years of training and experience as a naturopathic doctor and mental health professional, I’ve learned to view well-being through a holistic lens. 

Mental health isn’t isolated to the mind.  Everything from your posture to what you eat has an impact on your mental health.

We’ll explore your relationships, how you breathe, sleep, eat, and move along with your medications.  These key aspects of your life will guide our journey.

I use tools like body-psychotherapy, body work, herbal medicine, movement, biofeedback, mindfulness practices, and occasionally prescriptive medicines to help you to regain the freedom you desire in your life. 

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